The Motivation and Diversity Lab focuses on questions of motivation and diversity, particularly their intersection, in hopes of making higher education a more equitable space for all students.

Some of the questions being asked in the Mot-Div Lab right now are:

How can we keep students motivated and interested in what they learn in college?

What is the relationship between academic procrastination, motivation, and mental health?

How do people think about issues of diversity, equity, and inclusion – and with what consequences?

Previous Work in the Mot-Div Lab

Hope Duppler explored the association between college students’ self-reported goal difficulty and well-being across the span of an academic semester.
Sirina Tyler examined the relationship between participant age and diversity-related beliefs and judgments.
Lexi Anderson, Kassidy Ashbeck, Tasha Voss, and Brittney Zimmer tested the benefits of various self-care strategies for college students’ well-being.